How to Recover Hijacked WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram Accounts

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Maintaining the security of social media accounts such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram have become an obligation for all users. But sometimes there are users who are careless so that their accounts are easily hijacked by irresponsible people.

For example, some time ago many WhatsApp users claimed to receive messages from parties claiming to be minimarket cashiers. They ask the user to provide an OTP code that should not be shared with others.

This method is a phishing technique used to hijack or take over user accounts. Fraudsters or hackers usually use this method to target unsuspecting users so they can be tricked.

So what if there are users who are already victims of phishing and their accounts are hijacked by irresponsible people? Here are tips from Facebook to recover hijacked WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram accounts :

- How to restore hijacked WhatsApp account

The first step that must be done once your WhatsApp account is hijacked is to enter the WhatsApp application and enter the registered phone number.

After that, verify your phone number by entering the six-digit OTP code received via SMS. After this OTP code is entered, your account on someone else's device will be automatically issued immediately.

You may then be asked to enter a two-step verification code (2FA code). If you've never activated this feature before and don't know the two-step verification code you're asking for, chances are that the person who hijacked your account has activated it first.

To be able to re-access your WhatsApp account without a two-step verification code, you have to wait seven days after the number verification process.

- How to restore a hijacked Facebook account

A hijacked Facebook account can be dangerous, especially if you use that account to log in to other sites. Here's how to recover a hijacked Facebook account.

First, you must report the incident on the page Then fill in the report with the email address and phone number used when registering a Facebook account.

Once reported, your Facebook account may be inaccessible for a while. This is normal and you don't have to worry.

During the data verification process by Facebook, you will be asked to send a personal identity card such as an ID card or driver's license. If your account is successfully restored, Facebook will send a notification via email.

- How to restore a hijacked Instagram account

The steps to restore a hijacked Instagram account are similar to those on Facebook. First, you have to report it on the page.

Once the report is submitted, your account may appear lost. No need to worry because this is one of Instagram's steps to ensure that your account is really hijacked.

Instagram will then send you an email asking you to fill out a form and include an identification card, such as an ID card. The verification process usually takes 4-7 days, and Instagram will confirm via email if the account has been successfully restored.

- How to avoid hijacking social media accounts

Well, the steps above are a complete way to restore hijacked WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. But it's better if you apply preventive measures so you don't become a victim of piracy in the future.

To avoid account hijacking, never share your activation code or OTP code with anyone. Most importantly, don't forget to enable two-step verification or two-factor authentication as a form of double security.

Also, make sure the apps you install are safe and don't contain data-stealing malware. If you receive suspicious calls or SMS, do not share your personal information.

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