AMD Releases 'PlayStation 5' PC Version, Here are the Specifications

AMD has quietly released a package containing a motherboard and processor for PCs that have very similar specs to the PS5.

The bundle package is the AMD 4700S kit, which contains a small mini ITX-like motherboard that is integrated with the processor. There are two RAM options, 8GB and 16GB GDDR4 soldered to the motherboard.

This combination results in clock speeds of up to 3.2GHz and a memory bandwidth of 14Gbps. Then the cooler used is similar to the Wraith Stealth which is usually packaged with several Ryzen series processors.

Unfortunately, the processor used will experience bottlenecks with the graphics card. Because the PCIe x16 slot available on the motherboard is only a four-lane Gen2, which is only compatible with low-end graphics cards.

AMD itself recommends using the RX 550 GPU in this kit, and the fastest GPU options supported are only the RX 590 and GTX 1060.

The combination of the motherboard, processor, and RAM is similar to the system on a chip used in the PS5, namely Ariel. The CPUs both have eight cores with slightly higher speeds. Then both are attached to 16GB of GDDR6 RAM.

Even if it is paired with a discrete GPU, the performance will be limited because it is not designed to use an additional graphics card.

According to AMD, the 4700S Desktop Kit is a unique solution designed to meet the needs of the mainstream market that demands high performance with a large number of cores.

The assumption that arises regarding this kit is that the 4700S is a defective Ariel chip, aka does not meet the quality standards to be a chip in the PS5. For example, the integrated GPU does not meet the standards, the clock speed is not maintained, or the resulting temperature is too high.

But there are also those who assume that the 4700S is actually an Ariel prototype or a design made with a different integrated GPU.

AMD promises that there will be 80 PCs that will be released to the market by its partners starting June 24. Prices will also be announced by the MD partners, and so far this 4700S kit will only be sold in Asia.

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