Realme X50 Pro 5G: Read Before You Buy.!

Realme X50 Pro 5G

Realme X50 Pro 5G is a premium smartphone, which is quite expensive for the middle economy, but behind the relatively expensive price, it has very sophisticated specifications.

This smart phone has a lot of interest in the market and is also one of the most affordable high-end phones this year. Realme X50 Pro is another high-end smartphone rival that has the same specifications. Outside of China, Indonesia, India and Malaysia there are few Realme enthusiasts because they are not familiar with this product yet, and Realme believes it will compete with Oppo and Xiaomi.

Oh, bro, Realme is a smartphone manufacturer that still has a close relationship with the smartphone giant Oppo.

Actually, Realme has quite prominent electability. Because in a short time after the launch of 2018, Realme has managed to steal the attention of consumers because of its design and specifications and friendly prices, especially consumers in China, India, Indonesia and Malaysia.

"Realme X50 Pro 5G"  Who Knows Interests Can Read First Before Buying
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There is no doubt that Realme has prepared well in advance to launch its X50 Pro and show it off at Mobile World Congress . However, the launch of the X50 Pro was canceled due to the Corona virus pandemic at the beginning of the year, then Realme launched it in March 2021.

Realme offers attractive specifications at a much cheaper price than the high-end smartphones that have been marketed in advance by the other largest smartphone manufacturers.

Realme is claimed to be a rival to the "Samsung S20", in contrast to the Realme X50 5G (first generation) launched in China in 2020. The Realme X50 Pro (X50 5G generation) model internally has sophisticated specifications that aim to compete with Samsung's lineup. Galaxy S20 and Sony Xperia II.

Realme X50 Pro uses a high-end "Snapdragon 865 chipset" which is supported by the X55 5G modem, and is equipped with 12 GB RAM, and a fast charging feature called " SuperDart " 65 Watt.

The X50 5G Pro is also equipped with a quadruple camera [I] which is already widely used in other well-known brand devices. The main camera is 64MP, coupled with an 8MP ultra-wide sensor, 12MP telephoto lens and a 2MP monochrome sensor.

Let's get to the point, if Realme decides to sell the X50 5G Pro 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage at a base price of 37,000 Indian Rupees, and for the X50 Pro model with 12 GB RAM and 256 GB internal storage the price reaches Rupees 52,000

As a comparison, the price with its rival "Samsung Galaxy S20 5G" costs more than $ 1,100 US dollars or around 16 million rupiahs with the same chip as the Realme X60 Pro, namely "Snapdragon 865" with a 5G connection.

So the estimated price for the usual Realme X50 5G in Indonesia is around 7 million and above and the X50 5G Pro is around 9-10 million and above. However, the 5G signal will be useless if the regions or countries have not adopted the 5G network.

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