Before Buying the iPhone 12 Pro, Check Out 5 Strengths So You Don't Hesitate To Buy

iPhone 12 Pro

Apple's latest high class iPhone comes with a charming design with a faster processor and is equipped with a 5G network and is supported by far more advanced features. Apple has indeed released the standard and Pro versions of the iPhone 12. This model comes in two sizes including 5.4 inches for the standard version and 6.1 inches for the Pro version.

Here's the power you need to know about the iPhone 12 Pro.

1. The new design is slightly bigger than

The standard version, the Pro model also comes in two sizes, namely 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches for the Pro Max series, with a thickness of only 7.4mm, even thinner than the body of the iPhone 11 Pro which measures 8.1mm.

The all sides of the iPhone 12 model are now flat, which mimics the design of the iPad Pro. iPhone 12 Pro is also available in four color variants namely Silver, Gold, Graphite and Pacific Blue.

2.The sensor in the photo also gets an increasingly sophisticated update, where when the iPhone 12 Pro takes night mode photos with wide angles with ultra wide capabilities, and even the front camera also has capabilities like the main camera, all cameras have the Deep Fusion feature.

There are 7 elements that have been fixed on the camera sensor, one of which is a change to the ultra wide and f / 1.6 aperture. The goal is that the photo is wider and less noise and also gets more light which can improve photo quality when in low light.

Both standard and Pro models are capable of recording 10-bit HDR quality video, and support the Dolby Vision format. While the iPhone 12 Pro can do this in 4K resolution at a rate of 30fps, it can even reach up to a rate of 60fps for the Dolby Vision format.

So when recording at night there is no need to worry about the video results will be blurry, because the iPhone 12 Pro already uses advanced technology in its videos.

3. The network is already supported by 5G technology

Which competes with several Android smartphones that already support the 5G network. Even so, the standard iPhone 12 still survives on the 4G network.

5G networks come in two categories:

5G networks come in two categories

a). 5G 6GHz (frequency between 3.4 to 3.8 GHz for 5G and 700 MHZ) and,
b). 5G mmWave (very high frequency and very fast transfer, but shorter distance range).

And the type of 5G network on the iPhone 12 Pro supports these two networks, namely below 6 GHz and mmWave.

4. Faster chip and large internal memory

chip A14

Apple is still using the first smartphone chip which is "5nm" developed by TSMC. The performance of this CPU is faster than the previous generation and the GPU is faster. According to Apple the CPU / GPU duo is 50% faster than competing chips in Android smartphones.

iPhone 12 Pro also uses a "A14 chip" which is faster than the standard model. For internal storage starting from 128 GB, 256 GB and 515 GB, just adjust your needs.

5. No charger or headphones in the box

So iPhones usually always come with a charger in the box, but for this series sold separately. The standard iPhone 12 charger uses a 5 watt USB-A power adapter. However, in the iPhone 12 Pro series the charger facility is no longer available, because the iPhone 12 Pro already uses wireless charger technology with a lightning connector. So there is no need to worry if in the iPhone box there is only a USB-C cable (for data transfer to a computer) and a lightning connector for charging.

So to charge, just attach the Lightning connector to the back of the iPhone, the battery will automatically charge, but first connect the adapter to the mains or plug it like a normal charger head.


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