Feels like Flagship Class! Let's take a peek at the Oppo A54 features first

Oppo A54 features

Maybe you all already know one of the Brand smartphones from OPPO.
This brand has issued many series of smartphones.

One of them is the A53 series which has become one of the best-selling smartphones in Indonesia in 2020.

To continue this success, it doesn't stop there.

Where OPPO has released their newest A series champion, which has been officially released in Indonesia today with two color variants, namely Starry Blue and Crystal Black.

And for that this time, I want to talk about the A-series smartphone from OPPO.

Yups, the name is OPPO A54 which I call the mobile phone for young people because it has a fashionable fit for young people.

Of course, besides that, the performance of the A54 can also make us forget ourselves.

So that you are not curious about the features of this OPPO A54, let's just look at the information below, namely:

OPPO A54 Features

1. Flagship Class Screen

Feels like a flagship cellphone class! Let's take a peek at the features that the Oppo A54 is collaborating with

The trend of Punch-hole screen design, of course, you often find on mid-end class smartphones to flagship-class smartphones.

Where the small circle design on the upper side of the screen makes the cellphone screen look wider and more futuristic, of course.

Even though it is not a flagship-class, the OPPO A54 screen actually makes users even cooler.

How not, it turns out that this time you no longer need to worry about running out of savings to buy a flagship cellphone.

Because you can already have a screen like a flagship smartphone in this new A series hero.

Because this super screen smartphone has a 6.51-inch punch-hole screen design and HD + Smart Screen resolution.

Even though the screen can only be 60HZ Refresh Rate on this new A series hero, you can feel the Smart Sunlight Screen & Moonlight Screen technology that has been embedded on this smartphone screen.

Where this technology can adjust automatic exposure with screen brightness from 2 nits to 550 nits.

Wow ... pretty cool isn't it, bro?

Because when you are under the hot sun or even when you are in a room with minimal light, this smartphone screen will still be comfortable to see.

And for those of you who like to play cellphones for a long from morning to late at night, I recommend this super screen smartphone for you to have.

Because this smartphone has an Eye Comfort feature that can make this cellphone screen healthier to look at and make your eyes not get tired easily.

2. Rhino Battery

Feels like a flagship cellphone class! Let's take a peek at the features that the Oppo A54 is collaborating with

It is no stranger that in 2021 it is appropriate for a smartphone to have a rhino battery.

So, that's why OPPO implanted a rhinoceros battery of 5000mah in this new A series hero.

That way, for those of you who like gaming, it can be done on this smartphone without fear of running out of power when playing.

Even for those of you who like to stream videos on YouTube or on other platforms, it can also be done on this smartphone.

Because with this rhino battery, the new hero of the A-series can last 19.9 hours of streaming and 41 hours of music playing without stopping.

What's unique is that this smartphone has a Super Power Saving Mode feature that makes users not worry when the battery is low, aka dying even once.

Because even when the power is 5% left, of course, you can still use it for 85 minutes of chatting with your boyfriend or ex on WhatsApp, and also calling old friends for up to 91 minutes of emoticons-lol.

And you also don't need to worry about charging again, because the cellphone is equipped with an 18-watt Fast Charge feature and is also equipped with an Optimized Overnight Charging feature.

Oh yes, you need to know that the Overnight Charging feature can keep the smartphone charging safely and prevent overcharge.

Because this feature is able to adjust the charging according to your sleeping hours and makes sure the phone is 100% charged right when you wake up.

So for those who like their cellphone left sleeping while charging, this OPPO A54 is suitable for you, according to me.

3. Super OK camera

Feels like a flagship cellphone class! Let's take a peek at the features that the Oppo A54 is collaborating with

Well, for those of you who love to make their own checks, this new A series hero is a must for you to try.

Because the 16-megapixel front camera that is owned by the OPPO A54 is able to capture moments to be more perfect in quality selfie photos that are more vivid and more colorful.

Yes, where the photos from the new A-series hero are perfect for you to capture on Instagram and are guaranteed not to be shy, guys

So for those of you who are not good at setting the camera to make snapshots, this OPPO A54 can help all of you in overcoming this problem.

Because this cellphone is equipped with a smart AI algorithm that can automatically adjust skin color and surrounding light.

So the results of this cellphone front camera photo will look natural and very charming, of course.
And not only that, bro, you can also feel the clarity of photos of 13 megapixels on the main camera + 2 megapixels macro camera along with a 2-megapixel bokeh camera on the triple camera coupled with the new A-series hero.

4. Storage and Performance

Feels like a flagship cellphone class! Let's take a peek at the features that the Oppo A54 is collaborating with

Maybe for those of you who are a vlogger, of course, you need a smartphone that has a large enough storage capacity to record all your activities in video form, of course.

Therefore, this time the new hero A series is implanted with a super large ROM, which is 128 GB.
Of course with this super relieved storage, for those who like to install lots of applications on smartphones, or also like to download videos and even those who like to keep photos of memories with former emoticons-lol, of course, this smartphone can be a solution.

And you can also add up to 256 GB with MicroSD.

In addition to the large ROM, it turns out that the RAM that is presented in the new A-series hero is also quite large. Where this smartphone is implanted with 4 GB of RAM.

Even though the new hero of the A series only collaborates with Mediatek Helio P35 MT6765 as the soc of this smartphone, this smartphone has also been supported by the Hyperboost feature.

Where this feature is ready to support all your daily activities smoothly & efficiently, from heavy multitasking to playing games without any lag.

By using the UI ColorOS 7.2 which is already based on Android 10, this smartphone seems to be suitable for those of you who are involved in the world of games, aka gamers, according to me.

5. Smartphone Display
Feels like a flagship cellphone class! Let's take a peek at the features that the Oppo A54 is collaborating with

If you look at the smartphone design that is owned by the new A-series whiz, then in my opinion this cellphone is perfect for young people who want to look cool and okay.

How not cool and okay if you hold a smartphone that only weighs 192 grams.

Besides having a stylish and trendy body, the Ultra Thin and Light body of this smartphone also make it feel slimmer when held in the hand for a long time.

In addition, the new hero of the A series also has a fingerprint sensor on the right side which is commonly called Side Fingerprint Unlock, which you can now feel on this smartphone.


Feels like a flagship cellphone class! Let's take a peek at the features that the Oppo A54 is collaborating with

Maybe some smartphones that are in the same class as the new A-series whiz do not yet have waterproof features.

However, the new hero of the A series already has this feature.

And it has been certified IPX4 waterproof which makes OPPO A54 better protection and more durable.
Yes, even though it is only IPX4 certified, at least this cellphone is safe when it is exposed to a proper splash of water.

Because according to me, there is no IPX4 certified cellphone in my class.

Now, after you know about the features that the OPPO A54 is holding, have you fallen in love with it?

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